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Want to hire an Immigration Consultant? Ask these Ten Questions first!

December 30, 2020BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

Today hiring an immigration consultant is a very common process if you are planning on travelling to a different country. But before you hire any of the visa consultants services in Gujarat, you might have to check whether they are efficient enough to handle your requirements or not.

The immigration consultants in Haryana, Gujarat and all of India are quite knowledgeable and proficient in handling all the complex immigration jobs for the clients. But still, if you want to validate the knowledge and efficiency of the immigration consultants.

1: Is it possible to talk to the registered agent directly?

You need to know whether you will be given the accessibility to get in touch with the consultant who is handling your immigration application. For instance, if you are looking for Australia Visa consultant in Yamunanagar and have hired an immigration consultancy firm, you must demand to get in touch with the agent directly to convey your side of the requirements without any communication gap.

2: What is your experience in the industry?

When hiring immigration consultants in Haryana, you need to make sure that you ask them questions to know about their experience in the field. Check their registration with ICCRC and license registration number.

3: Why should one choose your firm over others?

If you need Australia Student visa consultant in Vadodara, you need to get in touch with the firm and ask them questions on why their company is better than the others in the market. Get some convincing points from them to prefer their services over others.

4: Is your company registered?

You need to check on the registration aspects of the company before you can go ahead and hire them for your need of Canada visa consultant in Haryana.

5: How can one easily communicate with you?

There must be an easy communication channel between the consultant and the client to ensure that there is a client’s consent in every move taken by the consultant.

6: Can you tell something about your success stories?

Ask them to produce some of their success stories to get an idea about their approach of immigration consultancy work.

7: What will happen if the application gets rejected?

If your application gets rejected even after hiring USA visa consultant in Vadodara, then you need to know the course of actions that will be taken by the professionals. They need to be knowledgeable enough to find out the problems and send the application for review.

8: What documentation assistance are you offering?

The visa consultants must be proficient in helping you out with visa assessment, document guidance, immigration application and other such essential documents.  

9: Can one seek one-time consultation from you?

You must have an option to go for a one-time consultation with the firm you are about to hire. So, make sure that you ask this question on priority to get your options clear.

10: What is the cost of your immigration consultant service?

Finally, you can ask the last question on the pricing of the service. Get the quote and compare it in the market to find the best options suitable for you.

These are a few of the things that you need to ask your future choice consultant to get adequate help for your immigration needs.

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