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The Impact Of Corona Virus On the Visa Process!

March 22, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

COVID-19 did impact all aspects of livelihood, and immigration policies are not deprived of it. COVID did adversely impact the visas and immigration policies across the globe. For the streamlined process of controlling the spread of this virus, many new measures were proposes, and the existing ones were changed or stopped completely.

The immigration consultants in MelbourneUSA immigration consultant in Gujarat, India, and other parts of the world are well aware of how things have changed since COVID and are ready with the new proposed measures to help people acquire the VISA and immigration services right away as things are getting back to normal.

But before you reach out to hire the best immigration consultant in Haryana for your travelling needs, you need to get insight into the effects of COVID upon the VISA process.

COVID Guidelines Stated for the VISA Process Across the Globe

Here are some of the guidelines and regulations stated by the respective authorities across the globe to suppress the adversities due to COVID. These guidelines and regulations are:

  • Mostly all jurisdictions have already given their verdict upon travel or entry restrictions to their countries for the individuals who are travelling from the regions that have recorded widespread of the virus. Some of the countries have even stopped or prohibited the entry of non-residents and non-citizens temporarily. Based on the situations, these restrictions might be uplifted. Hiring a respective country consultant will help you with the regulations of the respective countries. For instance, an Australia immigration consultant in Haryana will help you understand the regulation stated for travelling to Australia.
  • In most countries, travellers are being mandated to live in quarantine upon entry if they have travelled from a COVID-affected region. If not quarantine, the health screening procedures are conducted at the entry ports. This is why most people are opting for Canada Visa Consultant in Gujarat before travelling abroad.
  • Many countries have also stopped the functioning of visa application centres and consular posts for non-emergency operations. Get in touch with any Australia Immigration consultant in Melbourne to get information about the closing or opening of visa application centres.
  • The health officials of several countries across the globe have issued strict notices to prevent non-essential international travels, especially to the jurisdictions that have witnessed severe virus outbreak.


These are some of the important points that explain the impact of the Corona Virus on visa services. You can get in touch with a USA visa consultant in Gujarat for further information on the operations and regulations stated by respective countries upon the impact.

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