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PTE Coaching

Avail world-class PTE training and explore new overseas opportunities. Let the experts help you to develop proficiency in the English language and increase your chances of achieving your dreams.

Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a computer-based test that evaluates the English language proficiency of individuals intending for immigration or study abroad programs. PTE enables the universities to analyze the communication skills and the understanding level of the students. We, at Future Choice Consultant, offer you the right guidance to perform well in the PTE exam. 

PTE Academic is intended for the students aspiring to pursue higher education programs in English speaking countries, while the PTE General is for the immigrants who want to migrate to the immigration Hotspot countries. Both of them test the English communication ability of the applicants.

Sections of PTE Academic


The listening test is the third part of the exam. It includes summarizing spoken text, highlighting correct summary, selecting missing words, writing dictations, and filling in the blanks.


Reading forms the second part of the PTE exam. The reading ability is tested by asking you to re-order the passages, answer the multiple-choice questions, and fill in the blanks.


The writing test assesses the English writing ability of the students. In order to test your writing abilities, you will be asked to write an essay.


Speaking and writing constitute Part 1 of the PTE exam. The speaking skills of the students are assessed through tests like personal introduction, read aloud, repeat sentences, and more.

PTE Eligibility

The PTE exam does not have any specific eligibility criteria. However, some of the key requirements include:

  • Minimum age is 16 years.
  • Candidates above 18 years need to submit parental consent.
  • No maximum age bar.
  • Individuals immigrating to the immigration Hotspot countries.
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