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Student Visa

Every year a steady volume of students visit Canada for education. The country provides you with some of the top universities for education purposes. The most essential document that you need to study in Canada is a student Visa. It is a temporary visa that allows you to study in the top universities of the country. So, go ahead and pack your bags as we will help you with all the legal proceedings.

Canada Student Visa Solution

There are many procedures involved in applying for the Visa. We, at Future Choice Consultant have professionals to ensure that you meet all the requirements without much hassles.

The application of Visa involves various programs & procedures. But do not worry as our consultants will help you with all the legal proceedings at the best price. We, at Future Choice Consultant, ensure that you meet the eligibility to attain the study permit for your education within the shortest possible time.


  • Letter of acceptance by the designated university
  • Proof of funds to give the tuition fees
  • Police or Criminal record from the origin country
  • Health conduct certificate
  • Assurance of return when the Visa expires


Here, at Future Choice Consultant, the aim is to provide you with a stress-free experience while applying for a Visa. Our professional consultants handle all the legal proceedings involved in the application. We believe that education is the best investment for a better tomorrow. So we invite all the Student Visa applicants everywhere with a hope to fulfil their dreams.

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