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Business Visa

Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world. Every year countless people visit Australia for various business purposes. To enter the country you need a Business Visa which can be quite complicated without any professional assistance. It is a temporary visa provided to the people who are visiting for different business purposes. But with us here, now it’s time for you to prepare yourself for the ultimate business meeting as we will help you with all the legal proceedings.

Australia Business Visa Solutions

There are four significant types of business visa provided by Australia. It includes the provisional investment visa, permanent investment visa, business talent subclass and investors’ residence subclass.

We, at Future Choice Consultant, make sure that your purpose of visit falls under a suitable category and keep you compliant with all the prevailing Visa rules. The Team will also ensure that the holder meets all the eligibility criteria, necessary to attain a business visa for the decided time.


  • Health conduct certificate
  • Nomination from a state government agency
  • Invitation to apply
  • Proof of fund for the business
  • Return confirmation once the visa expires
  • Authority letter
  • Covering letter from the company
  • Bank statement
  • IT returns


Here, at Future Choice Consultant, the aim is to provide the best experience of applying for a Business Visa. Our professionals believe that business is a significant component in economic development. So, we invite all the business visa applicants with the mission to help them in constructing the future.

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