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482, 186 Visa

Australia is the right place to showcase your skills, get it recognized and improve it to make it more productive to help yourself grow into a professional. If you want to study, start a business or just visit Australia for a family trip, you need a visa that will make your trip legal.

482, 186 Visa solutions

We, at Future Choice Consultant, can help you process your visa applications seamlessly without any hassles irrespective of the subclasses like the 482 and 186 Visa.

482 TSS Visa

There are 3 types of 482 Visa

  • Short term
  • Medium term
  • Labour agreement


  • Sponsorship application from employer
  • Nomination application from employer
  • Visa application by employee

186 ENS Visa

There are 3 types of 186 Visa

  • Direct entry
  • Labour agreement
  • Temporary residence transition


  • Choose one occupation from the Visa Occupations list.
  • Applicant must hold the required skills and experience.
  • Language proficiency
  • IELTS score of minimum 6.0
  • Not more than 45-50 years of age, depending on the type of visa


Future Choice Consultant aims to help the people in making effective use of their Visas.

  • We help people of all ages to apply for 482 Visa, but 186 is age-restricted.
  • We look forward to taking up the least possible processing time.
  • We manage all the processes smoothly for the applicant.

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