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Case Analysis

Case analysis is the first stage while applying for immigration programs. Future Choice Consultant prioritizes case analysis and makes the entire process smooth for you. We understand the role of education, age, English language proficiency and work experience in the success of your visa application and use them accordingly to make it less time consuming.

The professionals at Future Choice Consultant take all the crucial factors into consideration and offer you their expert guidance to find the best migration program. Selection of the immigration program on the basis of your profile increases the chances of success.


We gather all your important profile details to ensure that your profile is the correct representation of your personality and skills.


We evaluate your total point score through a proper and thorough assessment of your entire profile details.


We help you in selecting the most appropriate immigration program that is right for you.


We maintain optimum transparency with our clients throughout all phases.


We will keep you updated about the progress of every step.

Selection Criteria

The success of your application will depend on the key profile factors, which include:

  • Age
  • Education
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Work Experience
  • Important Credentials of Spouse
  • Other relevant factors.

Bottleneck Elimination

Future Choice Consultant, aims at eliminating all the potential bottlenecks in order to ensure that your immigration file is ready to bring you success. The issues that we eliminate to enable the selection of your profile in the immigration process include:

  • Missing of certain documents during the document process.
  • Low profile score due to lack of spouse credentials.
  • Low score due to low language proficiency score.

We ensure rectifying all the issues at the earliest for optimum success of your application within the shortest period of time.

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