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Application Pre-Assessment

Application pre-assessment is vital for increasing the possibility of getting your Visa approved without any hassle. We, at Future Choice Consultant, assess and evaluate your profile to ensure that it fulfils the eligibility criteria of the immigration destination, which includes Canada, USA, New Zealand, UK, and Australia.

We, at Future Choice Consultant, aim at saving your time as well as efforts while applying for the visa category for optimum success. We are committed to providing you with transparent and genuine advice for visa application.

Successful Visa Approval

For successful Visa approval, we ensure that your profile is able to meet all the pre-set eligibility conditions.

In-depth Assessment

Our migration experts conduct in-depth pre-assessment of the profiles of the applicants.

Valuable Suggestion

We suggest the best Visa category to maximize the chances of visa approval.

Reduce Rejection Chances

We ensure the elimination of any queries or rejection chances with thorough profile pre-assessment, 100% compliance with the prevailing regulations and timely submissions.

Countless Immigration Destination

We offer our application pre-assessment service for a number of immigration destinations.


We, help in saving much of your precious time during the Visa approval process by making it faster and taking care of all the paper work & legwork.

Eligibility Criteria

Every country has unique eligibility criteria for the individuals applying for the immigration programs. But the most crucial ones are

  1. Age
  2. Work Experience
  3. Educational Qualifications
  4. Economic Position
  5. Other relevant factors.

What else?

With Future Choice Consultant’s application pre-assessment services, you can expect:

  1. Hassle-free pre-assessment.
  2. Successful visa approval.
  3. Complete pre-assessment.

Vital advice for visa application

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