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Student Visa

The United Kingdom is the epicentre of education. Almost all the historic universities are in the UK; it has many old and prestigious universities like Oxford and Cambridge where you can study and take your first steps towards a successful future. Another major reason why so many young minds from all over the globe are opting for UK when it comes to higher studies is because of the short duration of the different courses. While the undergraduate courses can last till 3 years the post graduate ones are only for a year.

UK student visa solutions

The student visa that you can apply for is more commonly known as the Tier 4 Visa which only accepts individuals above 16 years of age. The process will be open 3 months before the starting of the course. So you need to stay alert and apply accordingly. In case you are wondering, you can definitely arrive at the country way before your course actually starts. This helps you to get familiar with your roommates, campus and the culture of the place. But the duration for which you can stay before the starting of the course depends on the duration of the course itself.


  • Good health conduct certificate
  • A letter of acceptance for the course by the university
  • Proof of financial support
  • Proof of English language skill
  • Proof that you are not from Switzerland or the European Economic Area


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